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Book V: Cyprian's Folly

222 – 259 A.D.


The Segusiavi, the energetic merchants, have set roots and prospered in the pertica of Carthage and Alexandria in Egypt.

So too the Christian “Way” has spread throughout Africa, Egypt… in every province surrounding the Mediterranean Sea, Mare Nostrum. They number in the hundreds of thousands.

This “success” comes with a price, and one the Christian Segusiavi and Christians throughout the Empire will pay.

Jealousies, controversies, rebellions and wars seethe in a cauldron of animosities. Emperors are murdered, deposed; Christian leaders are imprisoned and executed—scapegoats seen as offending the traditional deities, the cause of fracturing of the Empire.

In 257 the Emperor Valerian initiates a global persecution of Christians.

Once again, the Segusiavi are dispossessed, victims of Valerian’s wrath.

Following the execution of Cyprian, bishop of Carthage, a Segusiavus flees to Gaul.

In Gaul, in the Valley of the Three Crows, the last of the Family Segusiavus discovers a treasure, a treasure that brings the history of this family full-circle—Gaius the Peregrine and his beloved brother, Ignatius of Antioch, are rediscovered as are all the Segusiavi and their fellow Christians who followed them…

An imperishable treasure that has survived the ages…

Burnt Offerings

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