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Book IV: The African Emperor

The African Emperor  Book IV  web cover

193 – 222 A.D.


Septimius Severus, the African general from Leptis Magna, triumphs in the fight for the emperor’s purple. But his “victory” is short-lived.

Albinus, the governor of the Three Gauls, rebels and is proclaimed emperor in the city of Lugdunum, the heart of the Segusiavi clan and business empire.

Civil war erupts, engulfing Gaul with disastrous consequences for the Family Segusiavus. They will ultimately find sanctuary in the African city of Carthage, shielded within the African branch of the family and a vibrant Christian community led by the eloquent lawyer Tertullian.

Will the Segusiavi ever return to their ancestral homeland in the Valley of the Three Crows?

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